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        Dr. S. N. Kabadi                       Shri. G. V. Panchal                  Shri. V. T. Khedkar  

HOD & Associate Professor              Assistant Professor                  Assistant Professor     

           M.Sc. Ph.D.                         M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Phil.                 M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Phil.

           24/09/1994                                02/08/1995                             04/08/1995         

Mobil No.: 09423306181                   Mobil No.: 09423615521           Mobil No.: 09403527513

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                   Shri. S. Y. Mule                              Shri. D.H. Dasture

                 Laboratory Assistant                        Laboratory Attendant

                         B. Sc.                                              12th

                      04/07/1994                                     16/08/1993

         Mobil No.:09960689795                        Mobil No.:-09404895975

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Voter Registration
Posted Date : 05-10-2018
Voter registration process was taken place in college. The students of college and youth from nearby locality voluntarily participated in the event.
Comptetitive Examination
Posted Date : 01-10-2018
Competitive examination was taken place in college. Almost all the students participated in the examination. The students securing highest marks were given due appreciation.
Voter Registration
Posted Date : 14-09-2018
The NSS unit organized rally for voter registration process. The students of college and the youth from the nearby society were motivated. The programme resulted to be successful.
Collection of Fund
Posted Date : 28-08-2018
The students of the college organized a rally for the collection of fund to the flood affected people from Kerala. The collected fund of 14156 has been handed over to the Collector.
Display of Wall Poster
Posted Date : 20-08-2018
The NSS unit of college displayed wall poster showing various society oriented activities. The students voluntarily participated in all the activities.
Independence Day Celebration
Posted Date : 15-08-2018
Independence Day is celebrated in the college. Hon. Madhukarraohi Patil. Mr. Hambire gave an eloquent speech on the eve. The Principal and staff were present on the occasion.
Posted Date : 08-08-2018
A View an online address by the Vice-Chancellor of SRTMU, Nanded has been shown to the students and the staff members. Dr. Kabadi successfully organized the event.
Students Achievement
Posted Date : 06-08-2018
Ashwini Deglure & Bajrang Gaikwad stood second & third respectively in Ramanujan competitive exam organized by MMS. The Principal & Staff congratulated on their achievement.
Students Achievement
Posted Date : 06-08-2018
G. N. Jambhle, a B. A. SY student grabbed third prize in an Intercollegiate Essay Competition held in Shivaji College, Kandhar. The Principal & staff congratulated him.
Campus Cleanliness
Posted Date : 28-07-2018
NSS unit of college arranged campus cleanliness on 28 July 2018. All the students actively participated in the event. The teaching faculty also participated in it.
Classes begun
Posted Date : 02-07-2018
The regular classes of IInd & IIIrd year students are started. The students are suggested to take down the time table and attend classes regularly.
Assurance to the Stakeholders
Posted Date : 26-06-2018
Dr. Minaltai Patil, assured that she will work for the benefit of stakeholders of higher education. She pointed out that coordination is necessary in order to enhance the quality of the Institution.
Secretary Nominated
Posted Date : 26-06-2018
Hon. Madhukarrao Patil handed over his charge as a Secretary of GMCT to Dr. Minaltai Patil. He opined that younger generation will be more beneficial for the Institution in Quality