Minutes 2005 to 2010

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was formed on 16th July 2005 as per the NAAC guide lines as a post –accreditation quality sustenance measure. Since inception the cell is constantly involved in enhancing and maintaining the standard and quality curricular and co-curricular activities of the College. Proposals and recommendations accepted in the meetings of the cell were directly forwarded to the principal, which are then placed in the managing committee meetings for approval and implementation. The following is the summary of the various meeting held over the period and important recommendations forwarded.


1. IQAC meeting held on 16th July 2005 proposed the following:

(i) NAAC Coordinator’s report regarding the NAAC output.

ii) The Principal’s report and his suggestions regarding future plans to meet IQAC

(iii) President’s address and his suggestions regarding the implementation of NAAC suggestions.

(iv) President’s instructions regarding the preparation of ‘Vision Document’ as per NAAC guidelines.

2.  IQAC meeting held on 15th Feb. 2006 proposed the following:

(i) Discussion over the possible steps to be taken for the implementation of quality measures.

(ii) Discussion over the suggestions given by NAAC Committee.

(iii) To make the teaching, learning effective for the rural area students.

(iv) Formation of new IQAC committee.

3. IQAC meeting held on 14th September 2006 proposed the following:

(i) To study in details the expectations of IQAC by the members

(ii) Appointment of IQAC Coordinator

(iii) The expectations from the IQAC Coordinator.

(iv) To start the work effectively for the preparation o AQAR

4. IQAC meeting held on 17th March 2007 proposed the following:

(i)   To start the preparation of AQR from the academic year 2005-06.

(ii) To explore the possibilities of introducing coaching classes for various competitive

      examinations like civil services, staff selection commission, bank recruitment, etc.

(iii) Formation of building committee

(iv) To make available e-lab.

5. IQAC meeting held on 10th Aug 2007 proposed the following:

i)   Provision of more facilities to the IQAC department.

ii)  Collection of data from the various department of the college.

Iii) Allotment of duties to the IQAC members.

iv)  Discussion over the steps to be taken to prepare year wise data.

6. IQAC meeting held on 5th March 2008 proposed the following:

i)   To analyze the data provided by each faculty member.

ii)  To explore the possibilities to present the data in a proper manner in AQAR.

iii) Appointment of the nominated members on IQAC committee

iv) Discussion over the arrangement of curricular and co-curricular activities for the overall

      personality development of the students.

6. IQAC meeting held on 19th July 2008 proposed the following:

(i)   To make the examination department on the basis of seniority, each year 3 members, so as to

       involve everybody in the process of examination work.

(ii)  Arrangement of curricular and co-curricular activities for the studetns.

(iii) To reconstitute the Library advisory committee.

(iv) To install inverter facility.

7. IQAC meeting held on 19th March 2009 proposed the following:

(i)   To pay more attention to make teaching, learning and research activities more effective.    

(ii)  To plan systematic approach to adopt student centric approach.

(iii) To arrange more society oriented activities as a part of the institutional responsibility

       towards the society around.

(iv) To forward proposal to the UGC  for introduction of various schemes.

8. IQAC meeting held on 9th July 2009 proposed the following:

(i)  Motivation to the faculty to explore possibilities for organizing Seminar/Conference/Workshop/Symposia by the

      permanent units of the college.

(ii) Engagement of a man from non-teaching faculty for campus security.

(iii) Discussion over providing computer access to the staff and the students.

(iv) Motivation to the students to make the effective use of available facilities in the college.

(v) Discussion over the establishment of NRC (Network Resource Center).

9. IQAC meeting held on 24th February 2010 proposed the following:

(i)   Motivation to the staff to attend seminars, conferences and workshops arranged by the other

       colleges or the universities.

(ii)  Organization of a talk on ‘The possibilities of employment after graduation’ by an eminent

(iii) To forward a proposal for development assistance to colleges for College Development under

       XI plan

(iv) Submission of proposal to UGC  for introducing Remedial Teaching Course for the

       students from different categories.

(v) Renovation of the first floor.

11. IQAC meeting held 20th Aug. 2010 proposed the following:

(i)  Renovation of first floor.

(ii) Motivation to the faculty to go for Minor or Major projects.

(iii) Motivation to  the teachers to make optimum use of the LCD facility.

iv) Provision of separate ladies room.

(v) Arrangement of healthy practices for the overall personality development of the students.

(vi) Formation of committe to prepare the Vision Document for the next ten years.

11. IQAC meeting held 15th Feb. 2011 proposed the following:

(i)   Discussion over  the establishment of UGC-Network Resource Cente.

(ii)  Discussion over starting Remedial coaching for SC/ST/OBC and minorities.

(iii) Discussion over the coaching classes for entry in services for SC/ST/OBC and minorities.

(iv) Discussion over Career and Counseling Cell.

(v)  Inclusion of a member from student’s representative in the IQAC Committee.