Message from Librarian


           Arts, Commerce & Science  College, Shankarnagar


                                LIBRARY PROFILE


Message from Librarian


          College is a part of Higher Education in India. Its Library role is very important for the student development.

 Library is a bridge between the teaching & learning process. College from the integral part of Higher Education & Libraries in colleges are the primary source for learning process.

 The college Library is a connecting link between teaching & learning as well as place which supplements its resources what is beyond scope of class room. College Libraries play on important role in the educational history of both the students as well as the faculty.

 It serves the user by providing specific information.

 GMCT’S Arts, Commerce & Science College, Shankanagar Tq. Biloli College is established in the year 1991. College is situated in rural area of Shankarnagar Tq.- Biloli Dist- Nanded.

 The central Libraries procured 100 books at beginning of the college. Presently the library has more than 13015 books 636 Bound Volume of periodicals. Library has subscribed N-List Programme. Our Library is providing 21Journals, magazines in specific areas. 

 Library use SOUL Software 2.0 since 2015 from INFLIBNET. In the Library OPAC used from all students & staff.



                                                                                          DR. Sudhakar B. Telke