Minutes 2010 to 2015

12. IQAC meeting held 16th September 2011 proposed the following:

i)   Discussion over the newly introduced pattern of university examination.

ii)  Discussion over the approach the students have to follow to meet the requirements of the


iii) Suggestion to the teachers to provide question bank so as to acquaint the students with the

       new pattern

iv) Purchasing of  new books as per the change in the syllabus and the examination pattern.

13. IQAC meeting held 26th January 2012 proposed the following:

i)   Arrangement of various programmes under N. S. S.

ii)  To make teaching, learning and evaluation more effective.

iii) Arrangement of a talk by the external expert.

iv) Motivation to the faculty to utilize UGC schemes to make learning more effective.


14. IQAC meeting held 26th July 2012 proposed the following:

i)   Arrangement of student centered activities.

ii)  To promote the students to take part in various college and university level competitions.

iii) Implementation of Remedial Teaching for SC/ST/NT and other minority students.

iv) Improvement in the infrastructural facilities.


15. IQAC meeting held 24th February 2013 proposed the following:

i)   The teachers are advised to provide question bank to the students.

ii)  Arrangement of extra coaching classes to the weak students.

iii) Discussion over the future plans.

iv) Discussion over the arrangement of more community awareness programmes.

16. IQAC meeting held 16th July 2013 proposed the following:

i)   Effective implementation of innovative measures in teaching ,learning and evaluation.

ii)  Formation of College Website.

iii) Discussion over the newly changed NAAC parameters.

iv) Declaration of the future plans

17. IQAC meeting held 26th January 2014 proposed the following:

i)   Discussion over the letter of intention.

ii)  Discussion over the expenses for IQAC.

iii) Discussion over the collection of the departmental data.

iv) To provide separate departments to the social science faculties and the languages as per the

       NAAC guidelines

18. IQAC meeting held on 28th April 2014 proposed the following:
i)  To send the letter of intention.

ii) To arrange staff meeting at the end of the year.

iii) Discussion over the implementation of all the suggestions by NAAC peer team.

iv) Discussion over the provision of Botanical Garden.

19. IQAC meeting held on 18th June 2015 proposed the following:

i)  To make provision for Roof Water Harvesting and Solar Light.

ii) To provide sport ground on the sugar factory ground. To sign MoU with the sugar factory.

iv)  Provision of Indoor sport facility.

20. IQAC meeting held on 18th July 2015 proposed the following:

i)   To arrange a meeting with the Alumni Association.

ii)  To arrange formal meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association.

iii) To send LOI prior to 31st July.

iv)  Discussion over the uploading of college data on website.