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ACS College, Shankarnagar Vision Document 2020
Environment + Equity + Education = Economics

April 12, 2010




      Arts, Commerce & Science College(Affiliated)

(Accrditated byNAACwith‘C++’GradewithaCGPAof67.23)

              Shankarnagar, Maharashtra




ACS College, Shankarnagar

Vision Document 2020

Table of Contents
MISSION OF EDUCATION, By Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (March 19, 2006)
President’s Foreword
Vision 2020
Mission and Vision Statement

1 Introduction
* About ACS College, Shankarnagar

2 Campus Plan
*            History
*            Need for a Vision Document

*           Existing Infrastructure - Facelift, Landscape, Hostels,
             Repairs and Improvements

*          Sports Facilities, Recreation and Public Conveniences

3 Academic Campus Plan
*    Existing departments and programs
*    Academic Flexibility
*    Faculty Recruitment, Development
*   Common Facilities
4 Administrative Master Plan
*  Admissions
*  Examinations and Evaluations
*  Student Services
*  Facilitations

5 Common Facilities Plan
*  Parking Zone
*  Toilets
* Library Building

6 Finances
* Short Term
*  Long Term


 The educational Institute named Arts Commerce and Science College at Shankarnagar has an interesting story in its making. In fact, Bhaskarrao Patil Khatgaonkar, The then Minister for states for Co-operation, with a view to facilitate the poor rural people of the region with higher education, decided to establish the trust named Godawari Manar Charitable Trust at Shankarnagar.  The trust aimed at establishing educational institutes wherever deemed fit. The Arts, Commerce and Science College is such a seed sown that time which has grown up into its full stature.The Arts, Commerce and ScienceCollege was established in November 1991 with the relentless efforts of Hon. Bhaskarraoji Patil, Khatgaonkar, a renowned Politician and  the then Minister for states for Co-operation Govt. of  Maharashtra.  The Geographical location of the college is very funny. It is a place situated in between the area girdled by “Godavari” (47kms) and “Manar” (15kms) rivers. It is a Gram-Panchayat Locality which keeps its ties with the boundaries of two states viz. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Basically, it is an undeveloped area, which was made free from the unjust rule of “The Nizam of Hyderabad” in 1948, one year after Indian independence. The place is remotely located (57 Km. from Nanded City, 27 Km. Degloor Tahesil & 24 Km. from Biloli Tahesil). The students desiring to pursue higher education had no other alternative than to go to the above places to avail higher education facility. The farmers, sugar factory employees, labors, sugar-cane cutters in this area were deprived of the Higher education facility in this region. With one of the objectives to enable the students (particularly girls) of the adjoining areas willing to pursue higher education, the management took an ambitious step to establish this college. The college upholds the ideals of its founding fathers to achieve excellence in higher education, empowerment through knowledge, inclusive growth for socio-economic change and sustainable development through hard work and sincere efforts by all associated with this 24 year old institution.

 Though the college is in a Grampanchayat locality, we neither detered from our purpose of bringing the poor rural masses into the main stream of higher education nor lost hopes of developing the college amidst all odds. It is this kind of attempt that led the college to face NAAC in 2004 & achieved C++ despite all odds. But the boosting up by the president in the form of “Vision Document” proved to be very helpful. The Vision Document by the president led the administrator and the staff to work hopefully for the overall development of the students. Our college has been providing numbers of infrastructural and advanced facilities with the assistance of UGC grants of various types .The steadiness in academic approach and the devotion on the part of the staff are the key features of the college.

By Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Former President of Republic India

(Sourced from The Week, March 19, 2006 – Abridged and Abstracted)

Education is the most important element for growth and prosperity of a nation. India is in the process of transforming itself into a developed nation by 2020. Yet, we have 350 million people who need literacy and many more who have to acquire employable skills to suit the emerging modern India and the Globe.

We also need to think specifically for our children who belong to weaker sections of society; they are undernourished and only a small percentage of them manage to complete eight years of satisfactory education, which is now a fundamental right of every Indian child. Can we allow the situation to continue in which millions of these children may be forced into lifelong poverty? I propose to address the issues pertaining to education and suggest some solutions, which can be considered for implementation.

Inequality of access to educational resources

Unequal access to educational resources still exists due to a variety of reasons.
• Enlightened ones realise the importance of educating the young ones in the family at any cost and guiding them at all critical stages due to their economical well-being.

• There are those who might realise the importance of education but are not aware of the opportunities in time or the procedures and ways to realise these opportunities for their children.
• There is a category of families who are economically weak and do not realize the value of education, and hence, for generations together their children are neglected and continue to live in poverty.
How do we enlighten and create widespread awareness of education among all sections of society, particularly in rural areas and among rural poor? Can we use technology for this important social purpose?

Is it possible for the Institution and the staff to focus on this area of creating awareness among the students and the parents of rural locality?

Mobilizing resources for the Mission of Education

Over the last 50 years, successive governments have been committed to achieving the national goal of universal education and have steadily increased the budgetary allocation for education. However, 35 percent of our adult population is yet to achieve literacy. We have to generate additional resources because expenditure on education, whether at the Centre or in the States, can no longer be provided only by the respective ministries or departments. The mechanism should enable the persons to have freedom to innovate and deliver directly.

The requirement of the rural locality is that the student should go to any school nearby and get a good and value based quality education in that school. It will definitely facilitate our Institution to have good students having zeal to do something for their bright future.

Standardization of teaching

The preferred school concept is arising because of differential quality and standards of teaching. There is a need to make the quality of teaching high in all schools. Provide an accelerated learning program using computer aids so that children can have a creative learning with the tools of creative animation through computers.

Planning for good education for the children in villages

Have you planned something for children so that they can get good education in villages? We need to address this problem, which has multiple dimensions. It tells about the non-availability of infrastructural facilities in schools located in rural areas, the problems of syllabi followed in the school which is not the same as in the schools located in urban areas and the non-availability of quality teachers. In turn it has been making impact on the quality of higher education in the rural area surrounding. The attitude of the parents and students is also a matter of great concern, which must be given due cognizance. It is by means of authentic planning and provision of adequate facility and society centered approach will definitely help the institution to gather gold in the form of good students having zeal to do something better for their own personality development.

Integrating Syllabus with job opportunities and moral values

Job opportunities being national, there is a need for having a good and updated syllabus for the rural area students providing equal opportunities. The only expectation from the teaching faculty is to understand the requirements of the students with which they can reach up to the expectations of the students from the nearby rural locality. The teachers are expected to create awareness among the students about the emerging needs of the changing world. It requires a systematic approach and the overall intention of the institution is to create this sort of awarenes among the students and parrents in the nearby rural locality.

Delivery of quality education

The delivery of quality education is possible only through quality teaching. Some element of competitive rewarding is to be done based on performance. This competency has to be built up through a massive teachers education programme delivered through a continuously updated education system.  
Fundamental Needs

There is an urgent need that every school should have basic amenities such as good buildings equipped with ventilated, light, airy and spacious classrooms besides library, laboratories, safe drinking water, clean toilets, playground, the latest IT tools and infrastructure. It will create a sort of awareness about the importance of all these things for the overall personality development of the students. This sort of awareness from the beginning itself will definitely help our institution to have aspiring students, it will in turn motivate the teaching faculty of our institution to adopt student centric approach and numbers of experimental methods in order to create better educational surrounding in our institution. This document would like to address all the nearby schools to adopt some innovative measures to make the students realize the importance of education for their own personality development.

Understanding the Student

The goal needs to be achieved through the delivery of education in a manner which will take into account the socio-economic reality and perception of people to whom it is addressed. The aim of our institution is to build character, human values, enhance the learning capacity through a judicious mixture of traditional and technological approach and build the confidence among students to face the future.

Systematization of Examination System

It is while following the University examination pattern our institution intends to formulate a systematic examination pattern to create consciousness about the overall personality development of the students. This includes group discussion, quiz competitions, seminars, and debates and through this systematic approach the institution aims at the overall personality development of the rural area students. It will boost up their confidence and will definitely help the students to show perfection at all the levels of examinations after the completion of graduation from our institution. 


The President’s Foreword to the ACS College Vision 2020



 “Guidance, Support and Development” are the Keywords of the ACS College, Shankarnagar’s Master Plan 2020. I’m very happy and would like to congratulate the Principal, NAAC co-coordinator and the staff members for having successfully gone through the Accreditation process by NAAC. The grade is definitely inspiring one. It is now high time for everybody to endeavor incessantly to maintain and enhance the quality of our institution.

The remarks of the steering committee have led me to introspect over number of issues in relation to the institutional development. There is enough truth in the remark that the higher education institutions require a better surrounding for the overall development of the students. I accept that it is quite illogical to have a School, Jr. College and Senior College in the same premises from strictly academic point of view. But as a representative of the area, I have to think of the type of community in the area. More especially of the girl students who are from the economically deprived community. It ultimately led the trust to think of having a senior college so that the girl students who are deprived of the higher education facility will find comfort of having a senior college in the nearby locality. Another fact I have noticed that the rural area students are not at ease when they enter in a senior college for higher education. They become restless and remain confused for most of the time. This sort of typical mentality hinders them from attaining any significant thing in their life. I genuinely believe that the primary, high school and junior college students must know everything about the higher education from the very beginning itself. The different activities at senior level will definitely boost their confidence and facilitate them with the enough knowledge about the higher education. So let all the educational units go hand in hand and learn the spirit of brotherhood, it will definitely guide them in a proper way to achieve everything in their life. On the other hand, the rural psyche of the students resulted into the development of unnecessary fear about the most important subject like English. It ultimately led me have an English School which has been proved to be a blessing for the students from nearby locality. Therefore, though all these educational institutions have been functioning in the same premises but have maintained discipline and a feeling of brotherhood. However, through this vision document I would like to suggest the administrators to maintain peace and harmony and inculcate certain definite values in the upcoming generation.

The remark that the steering committee made regarding the teaching and learning process needs to be taken seriously by the able administrator of our college. I advise him to concentrate on the proper means to have overall development of the students. I know that the rural background poses certain genuine problems, but it is a need of the time to chalk out a definite plan. We are already blessed with intelligent staff having zeal to do something better. Let them allow enough freedom so that they can concentrate their total attention on learning something new. It is by learning something new only that they can teach better and lead the younger generation to the relevant and the emerging needs of the country. Already quite a number of the staff members have completed Ph. D. let the others also catch the same spirit. Allow them to go for minor and major research projects and let them attend seminars, workshops and conferences so that they can keep themselves very much in tune with the times. I do not know but I think UGC provides enough grants for having some remedial teachings for the economically backward section of the society. You should go for such courses and be cautious about the proper implementation of all such courses for the better development of the students. The entire attention of the staff must be on teaching, learning and evaluation; this is the only criterion I think requires due cognizance from the staff for the all-round personality development of the rural area students.

Another criterion that requires complete attention is the co-curricular activities. The rural area students already have guts and they can perform well in all sorts of activities. The only requirement is that they should be provided with sufficient facilities and the continuous practice. I appeal to the administrator of our college that he should provide all the facilities to the sports department and arrange numbers of activities in the form of N.S.S. and other such activities to provide a solid ground for the overall personality development of the students. I am sure that the teaching staff also will involve completely in inculcating a spirit of self involvement in academic activities among the students. Let the rural area students are provided with various activities in the form of the arrangement of guest lecturers, arrangement of remedial coaching, frequent tests in general knowledge and other numbers of such activities. The ultimate aim of everybody should be the all-round personality development of the students, so that they can contribute something definite for the well being of our country.

I am therefore, presenting the initial document of the Institution of ACS College’s Vision 2020 that includes the vision for strengthening the rural area surrounding of the Institution, and takes the initiative to reassume the leadership role in academic growth at Shankarnagar through the proposed establishment of the available campus for the Higher Education Institution. This document has been prepared through a participatory effort of the teaching faculty of ACS College, Shankarnagar. I wish them all the best and would like to encourage the faculty to work for the quality enhancement of the academic activities which will definitely help them to convert a puzzled, confused and careless rural youth into a strong, self confident, rational in approach and conscious individual about his own personality development.

Our Vision

‘Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye‘

It is truly said that the education that liberates is true education.

It is with this vision the Institution supports the students with Guidance, Support and Development.

* Guidance: Thecommitment of the Godavari Manar Charitable Trust, Shankarnagar is towards the welfare of students from rural society. The institution aims at proper guidance as a measure to inculcate awareness among the students about the importance of higher education for their own personality development.

* Support: The institution aims at providing equal opportunities and ensures support without prejudice for gender,

class, caste and economic status.

*Development: The Institution aims at facilitating the students with required academic and moral                      Support for fine tuning the development of the economically weaker section of the society.


·         To encourage educational development by providing higher education facilities to the educationally and economically backward sections of rural society.

·         To establish educational institutes from preliminary to higher level wherever deemed fit.

Our Goal:
            To strive for education excellence by promoting good human values, social awareness and    

             extension activities for creating self reliant, self confident and Vibrant Human Resource for better

             tomorrow. –


Our Objectives

            The college endeavours to translate its vision statement into a reality through various activities and

           programmes with certain objectives it has set for itself. These objectives are as follows:

a)      To create a cool but vibrant academic atmosphere conducive to the all round development of


b)      To motivate the students to exploit their potentialities at their best.

c)      To encourage active and equal participation of women in the process of the development of


d)      To develop the scientific temper among the students in order to reorient them towards social


e)      To cultivate the habit of book readings.

f)       To create social awareness and responsibilities among all students to make them meaningful

 contribution to the society and nation.

g)      To make them aware about the history and culture of the state so that the students remain rooted to the ground and learn to respect tradition and heritage.

h)      To inculcate the feeling of patriotism and healthy nationalism so that they can participate in the

 nation-building process.

About ACS College, Shankarnagar


The senior college run by Godavari Manar Charitable Trust Shankarnagar extends wholehearted thanks to the Government of Maharashtra for providing a senior college for the overall personality development of the students belonging to the economically and educationally deprived section of rural area society. It is under the kind guidance of the Trust that the students related to the rural areas near Shankarnagar are blessed with an English Medium High school with hostel, Marathi Medium Saibaba High School having Primary, Secondary and Junior college. The social consciousness and the obligation to the society led the president to think of having a senior college with the result that the students especially the girl students living in the nearby areas have been able to receive higher education since 1991. It is in the form of Arts, Commerce & Science College; the trust has been inculcating a spirit of brotherhood among the aspiring youth of the rural area society regarding their own future development.

Need for a Vision Document The need for a Vision Document revolves around the development of a good educational atmosphere. The suggestions by the NAAC peer team in 2004, has brought recognition of need to go beyond a mere plan for adding classrooms. However, there is also a need to recognize and consider a holistic plan within the Institution Campus to provide financial commitment to departmental requirements. It is  within the Campus, this Vision Document is also about guaranteeing that the ACS College campus can be more meaningful to its natural and academic environment that surround it. The Vision Document 2020 proposes to approach in a meaningful manner to reach to the fundamental requirements of the students and parents in the nearby locality. This document therefore, proposes establishing a harmony between ecology and accommodating people and academic needs, the classrooms, laboratories, library, play ground, recreational and leisure areas, so as to provide a better educational atmosphere for the rural area students.

The Academic Vision This exercise was undertaken by all the faculty members with the realization of their commitment to put forth the vision of Institution into reality. The faculty members are committed to voluntarily participate in all the academic activities for the overall personality development of the students. Besides it, the faculty is also committed to enhance the capabilities of the rural area students by means of extracurricular and sport activities. As the faculty have studied the typical mentality of the students and have forwarded recommendations for the need of the better facilities to meet the requirements of the students pursuing higher education in our Institution. The Management intends to take initiative through this document to make the provision of a better surrounding for the faculty and the students.

Manual of Administrative Correspondence and Requirements:

Every department of ACS College, Shankarnagar indulges in various types of correspondence, both, internal as well as external. All types of correspondence such as , Official letters, Personal application, Minutes of various formal meetings etc are proposed to be formatted to maintain uniformity. The letter heads of various Departments, Visiting cards, Identity Cards etc may also be standardized for their size, font, color etc. The ink used by various authorities may also be standardized.

(c) History Book: Many important events take place in ACS College which needs to be documented for the posterity. For this purpose, either each department may be directed to maintain their respective History Book or a centralized History Book may be maintained. The history book may also contain some of the important photographs of the events as well as messages from the dignitaries visiting the campus.

(d) Departmental Logo/ Crest: To create unique identity for every Department of the college, every Department may be granted separate Logo/ Crest/ Symbol that can be exclusively used by that Department alongside the Institution logo. The logo may be displayed at the entrance of each Department. Such display material may be standardized.

(e) Monthly Programme of various Departments of College: Apart from the routine class-room lectures, the report of the various events may be published so that the staff and Students of other Departments know about the event and interested persons may obtain the benefit. The programme may be published centrally by the administrator and the office staff.

(f) Semester wise Meetings of the Heads of Department under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Principal be held & the minutes must be published for the information of the College staff. This will help in resolving many inter-departmental issues and bring the Departments closer. The general staff will be informed about the happenings and their participation levels will improve. The staff as well as students will generate more faith in the system and decisions as these will become more transparent.

(g) Social Activities. The Institution feels and assumes its responsibility towards the Society in general. Keeping this overall objective in mind, the faculty of each Department is advised to work on Group Social Projects as an integral part of Institutions social commitment.

Vision 2020
Available physical infrastructure for
Scholarship, Innovation, Creativity

Create a conducive atmosphere and infrastructure that would aid in boosting Guidance, Support and Development to meet the challenges of Year 2020.


Transform and scale-up present landscape, physical infrastructure, and academic, administrative and manage natural resources by suitable, planned and time-bound strategy.

To meet the challenges of year 2020, there is need for radical change (short-term and long-term) and revision of campus facilities for which following major initiates needs to be undertaken. Following are the major areas that are addressed though they are not exclusive but are priority areas.

1. Natural landscapes:

The natural landscape plays a very important role in boosting Guidance, Support and Development, for 60% green areas and restriction of constructed areas to only 40%. The present constructed area need to be reorganized to reduce increasing pressure to establish separate building for the Institution. The following major recommendations on the landscape have been suggested.

1.1. Creation of ‘Botanical Garden’ The Institution intends to create a botanical garden which will serve the purpose of education.  This will serve the purpose of creating ‘value added green pocket’ with great social cause. This Botanical Garden would be spread at the entrance, so as to ensure the parents and the students about Institution’s social commitment.

1.2. Green Belt development. There is need to create a thick green belt all along the wall of these buildings that will act as noise and dust barrier and at the same time block the visibility.

2. Vehicle mobility:

The goal of this exercise is to make campus most environment-friendly by reducing vehicular traffic. The parking of all vehicles coming from outside would be restricted to special parking zone created near main entry gate. 

3. General Facilities:

This Institution would also be equipped with facilities like photocopiers of all sizes: colour and black and white and scanners, binding machines, communications etc. The central multi-facility centre would support to all the departments to organize various events like seminars, conferences, workshops and also produce good quality documents, brochures etc

4. Management of Waste:
The campus activities generate two kinds of waste:
- Solid waste
o Biodegradable
o Non-biodegradable

Following means would be adapted immediately for dealing with the waste
5.1 Solid waste:

o Biodegradable waste: Campus generates considerable amount of biodegradable waste both in form of litter and domestic sewage. This would be used to generate vemicompost and the entire compost would be used for garden development so that we do not loose the precious organic manure.

o Non-biodegradable waste: This waste would be collected properly and handed over to a suitable agency for disposal. Mainly this waste contains glass, metal, thermocol, plastic packaging material, e-waste, paper etc.

6. Other Miscellaneous Development area:
- Public conveniences: At present there are no adequate public toilets on the campus. Well-managed public toilets at important locations like:
a. Common toilets for the students:
b. Separate toilet for the faculty
c. Toilet for the handicapped students would be constructed.

 Safety and security: The public access to campus must be regulated to manage and maintain this academic campus. Every department would have manual access control. The entire campus needs to be properly illuminated during the night and needs to be well guarded.

It is indeed very important that the ACS College, Shankarnagar lays its Vision Document for progression taking into account the remarks of NAAC Peer team and the views of as many Departments and the individuals. The vision of any kind requires whole hearted contribution from every one, particularly; the faculty must get themselves aligned to the requirements of various Departments.

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Voter Registration
Posted Date : 05-10-2018
Voter registration process was taken place in college. The students of college and youth from nearby locality voluntarily participated in the event.
Comptetitive Examination
Posted Date : 01-10-2018
Competitive examination was taken place in college. Almost all the students participated in the examination. The students securing highest marks were given due appreciation.
Voter Registration
Posted Date : 14-09-2018
The NSS unit organized rally for voter registration process. The students of college and the youth from the nearby society were motivated. The programme resulted to be successful.
Collection of Fund
Posted Date : 28-08-2018
The students of the college organized a rally for the collection of fund to the flood affected people from Kerala. The collected fund of 14156 has been handed over to the Collector.
Display of Wall Poster
Posted Date : 20-08-2018
The NSS unit of college displayed wall poster showing various society oriented activities. The students voluntarily participated in all the activities.
Independence Day Celebration
Posted Date : 15-08-2018
Independence Day is celebrated in the college. Hon. Madhukarraohi Patil. Mr. Hambire gave an eloquent speech on the eve. The Principal and staff were present on the occasion.
Posted Date : 08-08-2018
A View an online address by the Vice-Chancellor of SRTMU, Nanded has been shown to the students and the staff members. Dr. Kabadi successfully organized the event.
Students Achievement
Posted Date : 06-08-2018
Ashwini Deglure & Bajrang Gaikwad stood second & third respectively in Ramanujan competitive exam organized by MMS. The Principal & Staff congratulated on their achievement.
Students Achievement
Posted Date : 06-08-2018
G. N. Jambhle, a B. A. SY student grabbed third prize in an Intercollegiate Essay Competition held in Shivaji College, Kandhar. The Principal & staff congratulated him.
Campus Cleanliness
Posted Date : 28-07-2018
NSS unit of college arranged campus cleanliness on 28 July 2018. All the students actively participated in the event. The teaching faculty also participated in it.
Classes begun
Posted Date : 02-07-2018
The regular classes of IInd & IIIrd year students are started. The students are suggested to take down the time table and attend classes regularly.
Assurance to the Stakeholders
Posted Date : 26-06-2018
Dr. Minaltai Patil, assured that she will work for the benefit of stakeholders of higher education. She pointed out that coordination is necessary in order to enhance the quality of the Institution.
Secretary Nominated
Posted Date : 26-06-2018
Hon. Madhukarrao Patil handed over his charge as a Secretary of GMCT to Dr. Minaltai Patil. He opined that younger generation will be more beneficial for the Institution in Quality Enhancement process.
Importance of Yogasana
Posted Date : 21-06-2018
Dr. Balaji Jadhav, a Sports Teacher performed and explained different Yogasanas . He pointed out that Yogas relieve stress and are very helpful in life and an individual can enjoy life by means of Yogas.
International Yoga Day Celebrated
Posted Date : 21-06-2018
The Leadership, Staff and the students celebrated International Yoga Day in the presence of Secretary of Godavari Manar Charitable Trust. The Secretary advised staff to make Yoga a part of daily routine.
Visits to the nearby villages
Posted Date : 19-06-2018
The leadership of the college has formed committees to visit the nearby villages. The committee members are expected to explain vision of the institution regarding Quality Enhancement process.
Admissions open
Posted Date : 19-06-2018
All the 12th class passed students are informed that the admissions to B. A., B. Com. & B. Sc. have started. The students can contact the admission committee.
Research Achievement
Posted Date : 08-05-2018
Mrs. Anita Warwatkar has completed Ph. D. under the guidance of Dr. D. R. Mane. She submitted her thesis on "Women and Protest: A Study of select plays of Mahasweta Devi Manila Padmanabhan and Dina Mehta.
Presidentcial Address
Posted Date : 01-05-2018
On the eve Hon. Secretary repeated the vision of the management and suggested the leadership to follow quality enhancement parameters for the students and the society around.
Publication of Gyanbhaskar
Posted Date : 01-05-2018
Hon. Secretary published college yearly magazine "Gyanbhaskar." The magazine consists of the articles written by the students of the College.
Flag Hoistation
Posted Date : 01-05-2018
On the eve of Maharashtra Independence Day, the Hon. Secretary hoisted the flag. The Principal and the staff were present on the eve.
Additional Responsibility
Posted Date : 07-04-2018
Dr. S. N. Kabadi Head & Associate Professor in Chemistry, is given an additional responsibility as a CAP Director of SRTMU Nanded. The Management leadership & staff congratulated him on this achievement.
Appraisl of Contribution
Posted Date : 31-04-2018
In a send off party organized, the management, leadership & the staff appraised the contribution of Mr. Deshmukh to curriculum implementation, teaching,learning & evaluation and extension activities.
Send Off
Posted Date : 31-04-2018
A warm send off has been given to Mr. S. B. Deshmukh, Head & Assistant Prof. in Economics. He has served in the college for 25 years and developed congenial relationship with the staff members.
Ph. D. Award
Posted Date : 24-03-2018
Mr. Jadhav V. S. has been awarded Ph.D. in Public Administration under the guidance of Dr. A. C. Sonkamble. The Management, Leadership and the staff congratulated him on this achievement.
Interdisciplinary Conference
Posted Date : 10-03-2018
Interdisciplinary Conference Globalization and Welfare States: Problems and prospects has been resulted to be great success. Nearly 125 delegates participated in it.
International Women Day
Posted Date : 08-03-2018
International Women Day has been celebrated by the Women Cell of the students. The boys and girl students have been made conscious of the importance of gender equality.
Science Day Celebration
Posted Date : 06-03-2018
On the eve of Science Day the students presented ppts on different topics. The Principal and the Staff appreciated the students.
Interdisciplinary Conference
Posted Date : 24-03-2018
Interdisciplinary Conference on Globalization and Welfare States: Problems and Prospects is scheduled to be taken place on 10th March. The delegates are requested to send their papers up to 28th February.
Valedictory Function
Posted Date : 24-02-2018
Valedictory function has been enjoyed by the students involving in the activities like Fish Pond, Cultural activities and a function in the presence of the Principal Navodaya.
Inauguration of Gathering
Posted Date : 23-02-2018
Inauguration of Gathering has been taken place. The Chief Guest Dr. B. L. Chothwe has a dialogue with the students. Hon. Secretary wished the students for better performance.
Posted Date : 09-02-2018
The Management, the Principal & the staff congratulated the nominated members for the achievement.
College Achievemnt
Posted Date : 09-02-2018
Dr. S. S. Kadam, Botany, Dr. A. C. Sonkamble, Pub. Adm., Dr. B.V. Dakore, Commerce & Dr. A. M. Mane, Zoology have been nominated as BOS members of SRTMU, Nanded.
Valedictory Function
Posted Date : 08-02-2018
Valedictory function of NSS special camp has been taken place. The local inhabitants expressed their satisfaction over the work done by the NSS unit.
Arrangement of Programmes
Posted Date : 06-02-2018
The activities like Blind Faith Eradication, Group Discussion, Cleanliness, Yoga, Road Repairs and other activities were taken place along with locals.
N. S. S. Camp Inauguration
Posted Date : 02-02-2018
Inauguration of NSS special camp at Dhuppa has been taken place with local inhabitants . They were about the nature of activities to be taken place during the camp.
Ph. D. Award
Posted Date : 15/01/2018
Mr. Joshi T. M. has been awarded Ph. D. under the guidance of Dr. Dakore B. V. of Commerce dept. The Management, the Principal and staff members congratulated Dr. Dakore.
Students Council Election
Posted Date : 26-12-2017
Boyal N. A. has been elected on the students council. The election was held in a peaceful manner. The Principal and the staff congratulated him on this achievement.
Posted Date : 21-12-2017
Dr. H. V. Bakshi in Physics, Dr.S. N. Kabadi in Chemistry have been elected on BOS of SRTM University. Dr. R. G. Hingole has been elected on Academic Council (Humanities) of SRTM University.
Address by the President-V
Posted Date : 6-8-2017
Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil, the Secretary of GMCT expressed his full satisfaction with the proceedings of the syllabus. He concluded his address by presenting a beautiful poem on the new pattern.
Discussion about the CBCS pattern.-IV
Posted Date : 6-8-2017
Dr. Ekembekar raised some the queries regarding the syllabus on behalf of the participants. Dr. Ravi Sarode explained in details about the pattern and the purpose of the University.
Validictory Session-III
Posted Date : 6-8-2017
Dr. Sarode, the Controller of Exam department of university was the chief guest. Dr. Ekembekar was the chief guest. Hon. Secretary Madhukarraoji Patil was the president of the function.
Subject wise sessions-II
Posted Date : 6-8-2017
Nearly 75 Participants in Botany, 85 in Chemistry and 35 in Commerce discussed about the CBCS pattern for UG Second year. The Dean of each faculty acquainted the participants about the syllabus.
Innauguration of Workshops-I
Posted Date : 6-8-2017
Inauguration of workshops has been taken place in the presence of Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. G. N. Shinde. In his address he made clear about the CBCS pattern. Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil was the President.
Organisation of Workshops
Posted Date : 6/8/2017
The college organised workshops on revised curriculum for second year UG.The focus of the syllabus is on student. It is designed to make the students skillful so as to face the changing global scenario.
Maintenance of proper coordination
Posted Date : 16-06-2017
Hon. Secretary, Madhukarrao Patil advised the leadership and the staff to maintain proper coordination in the implementation of curricular and co-curricular activities. He provided useful tips to the staff
Academic Year 2017-18
Posted Date : 16-06-2017
A meeting of the staff members has been taken place. The Secretary and the Principal discussed about the initiatives to be taken for the overall personality development of the students.
University Exams
Posted Date : 12-03-2017
The university exams for first, second and third year students are scheduled from 14 March to April. The Principal advised the the staff members to conduct exams in a smooth manner.
Prize Distribution
Posted Date : 03-03-2017
The gathering came to an end with prize distribution. The staff members gave the prizes to first class students. The students performing better in sports and cultural activities were given prizes.
Address by the President-V
Posted Date : 02-03-2017
The president of the function Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil suggested to students to follow the path of truth against all the obstacles. The programme came to an end with vote of thanks.
Address by the Chief Guest-IV
Posted Date : 02-03-2017
Dr. Vishwar Deshmukh suggested the students five power thinking formula to develop better future. Power of imagination, conversation, confidence, reasoning and innovation.
Address by GMCT member-III
Posted Date : 27-02-2017
ZP member Dr. Meenaltai Khatgaonkar said being literate is not the meaning of education and one should respect oneself. It is only then one can excel in every walk of life.
Innauguration of Annual Gathering-II
Posted Date : 02-03-2017
The invitees from Jalana expressed their views about the college and advised the students to participate voluntarily in various activities. The trio from Jalana appreciated surrounding and the Principal.
Innauguration of Annual Gathering
Posted Date : 02-03-2017
Inauguration of annual gathering was taken place. Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil was the president. The chief guest was Vidhyadhar Deshmukh and the special invitee was Dr. Meenaltai Khatgaonkar.
Science Day Celebrated
Posted Date : 01-03-2017
Science day was celebrated. The students voluntarily expressed their opinions on various topics. The teachers and students from all streams were present to boost the students.
Workshop on Women Day
Posted Date : 27-02-2017
Anti-sexual Harrasment Cell organized a workshop on the eve of Women Day. The girl students actively participated and expressed their readiness to preserve feminine chastity on their own.
Marathi Day
Posted Date : 27-02-2017
The Marathi department arranged a programme on the eve of Marathi Day. Dr. Kalpana Dombe from Sharadchandra College was the chief guest. The students expressed opinions about the importance of language.
V- Interactive Session
Posted Date : 17/01/2017
Dr. D. R. Mane organized interaction session. The students and teachers raised numbers of queries. The invitees from law college satisfied everybody. Dr. Vasant pawale offered vote of thanks.
IV- Communication Skills
Posted Date : 17/01/2017
Dr. Kailas Ingole advised the students to develop communication abilities in the rapidly changing world. He pointed out the effective communication ability will open numbers of career opportunities.
III- Cyber Crime
Posted Date : 17/01/2017
Dr. karwa acquainted the students about the use and misuse of mass media technology. He made the students cautions while handling face book, internet, e-commerce and other technical means.
II-Law Literacy
Posted Date : 17/01/2017
Bandewar Madam talked about the laws available for women. She attempted to sensitize male by making them conscious of women protection rights. She advised the students to follow common human bondage.
I-Career opportunities in Law
Posted Date : 17/01/2017
Dr. Veena patil, the In-Principal of Law college talked in details about various career oriented courses available in Law. She pointed out that the students can develop better career in Law.
Arrangement of career oriented progra
Posted Date : 17/01/2017
The college in collaboration with N. C. law college Nanded organized career oriented programmes . Hon. Madhukarrao patil was the president of the function. Dr. Pimple sir welcomed the invitees.
NSS Special Camp
Posted Date : 03-01-2017
NSS special camp was organized at Dhuppa From 3 to 9 Jan. 2017. The camp was formally inaugurated at the hands of Nanded ZP Addl.CEO Padmakar Kendre, Dr.Meenal Patil was the chief guest,M.B.Patil Chaired.
Savitribai Phule Jayanti
Posted Date : 03/01/2017
Savitribai Phule Jayanti was celebrated in the college. Hon. Polish Inspector of Ramteerth & Principal of college addressed the students. Some of the students also shared their opinions.
Alumni Meet
Posted Date : 02/01/2017
Alumni meet was organized to share NAAC cycle 2 grade. On this occasion Hon. GMCTS secretary Madhukarraoji Patil,Member Dr. Sow. Minaltai Patil, Balasaheb Patil & Dr. Pimple addressed the students.
Mr. Avinash Ghate visited college
Posted Date : 02-12-2016
The president of Anna Bhau Sathe College, Mukhed alongwith the In- Principal and the staff visited college to discuss about NAAC cycle-2 process.
Dipawali Holidays
Posted Date : 20-10-2016
The staff members and the students are hereby informed that as per the University calendar, Dipawali Holidays are from 24 Oct. to 18 November.
University Exams rescheduled
Posted Date : 18-10-2016
All the staff members and the students are hereby informed that the Semester-I exams in some subjects are rescheduled and will be conducted from 16 Nov. onward.
Peer Team Visit
Posted Date : 15-09-2016
All the alumnae and stakeholders are hereby informed that NAAC Peer Team is visiting the College on 26 to 28 September 2016. Do take notice of it and convey to the others.
Address on Chalenges in HigerEducan
Posted Date : 19-08-2016
Hon.Vic- Chancellor Dr. Pandit Vidhyasagar gave address to our college Staff & Students through A-VIEW on Challenges in Higher Education. This programme was arranged by Dr.S.N.Kabadi, NRC.
An address by IAS Rank Holder
Posted Date : 15-08-2016
Mr. Suraj Suryawanshi, a school boy passed student of GMCT campus has given an enlightening address to the students. In his address he pointed out the target, struggle and hard work are essential factors.
Wall Poster Innauguration
Posted Date : 15-08-2016
wall Poster on "Gravitational Waves" prepared by the students of Physics Department has been inaugurated Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil, Dr. B. S. Pimple, Dr. Bakshi & Mr. R. R. Jadhav were present on the eve.
Independence Day Celeberation
Posted Date : 15-08-2016
The Secretary Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil, Khatgaonkar hoisted the flag of independence. The Principal, Staff & students of College and school were present on the eve. It was followed by Speeches.
n-List and Opac information
Posted Date : 13-08-2016
The Librarian, Dr. Anil Jadhav from Degloor informed the students about the use of n-list and opac information to the students. The Principal and the Librarian Dr. Telke also gave useful guidance.
Innuguration of Personality Developme
Posted Date : 10-08-2016
Students Personality Development Center has been inaugurated by API of Ramteerth Police Station. The Principal,Dr. B. S. Pimple and the committee members of SPDC were present on the eve.
Keynote Address
Posted Date : 09-08-2016
Principal Dr. B. S. Pimple gave a keynote address to the First Year students. He explained in details about the Vision and Mission of the institution and suggested the students to follow college discipline
Guest Lecture in Chemistry
Posted Date : 05-08-2016
Dr. Dinesh Lingampalle delivered a guest lecture on Importance of Green Chemistry organized by dept. of chemistry. He also visited the departments & Provided useful suggestions about NAAC Cycle-2.
Competitive Examinations
Posted Date : 04-08-2016
The Competitive Examination Cell arranged competitive examination. The students from all the branches and all the classes voluntarily took part in the examination.
National Award
Posted Date : 14-07-2016
Dr. A. C. Sonkamble, Dept. of Public Administration has been awarded Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh National Award. The Principal and the staff congratulated Dr. Sonkamble on this achievement.
Parent Alumni Meet
Posted Date : 08-07-2016
Parent Alumni meet was organized under the kind presence of the President. The Parent and the Alumni of the college assured every kind of help to the college in the quality enhancement process.
Tree Plantation Programme
Posted Date : 01-07-2016
Tree Plantation programme has been taken place by the hands of the secretary Madhukarraoji Patil. The Principal, Teaching and Non-teaching staff and the students enthusiastically participated in it.
Celebration of International Yoga Day
Posted Date : 22-06-2016
Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil Khatgaonkar, Yoga expert Dr. Swami gave a valuable guidance about the importance of Yoga in human life. The staff of the college enthusiastically participated in Yoga.
Mr. Patode awarded Ph. D.
Posted Date : 16-06-2016
Mr. Patode S. R. has been awarded Ph. D. on 14th June 2016 in Commerce. The Management, Leadership and the total staff congratulated Mr. Patode on his achievement in research area.
Maharashtra Independence Day
Posted Date : 01-05-2016
The Principal Dr. Pimple sir hoisted the flag on the eve of Maharashtra Independence Day . All the staff members were present on the eve. Dr. Pimple sir arranged a group discussion with the staff members.
Dr. Ambedkar Annivarssary
Posted Date : 16-04-2016
The college staff members along with the Chief guest Dr. Kishan Gaikwad paid a warm tribute to late Dr. Ambedkar. Dr. Gaikwad pointed out about the concern of Dr. Ambedkar towards education.
Pansare College, Arjapur Management v
Posted Date : 23/03/2016
The President, the Secretary and the Incharge Principal along with the staff members Arjapur paid a visit to college to see the IQAC proceedings.
Celebration of World Women Day
Posted Date : 11/03/2016
The Women Cell of the College organized a programme on the eve of World Women Day. The College girl students and the women from nearby locality were present on the occasion.
Validiction programme of workshop
Posted Date : 05-03-2016
Validiction programme of workshop in Public Administration has taken place in the presence of Mr. Prabhakar Kendre, Balasaheb Patil and Hon. Madhukarraoji patil & the Principal Dr. Pimple B. S..
Innaauguration of Workshop
Posted Date : 05-03-2016
Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar Joshi inaugurated a workshop on syllabus revision organized by Public Administration. Hon. Madhukarroji Patil was the president of the function.
LCD show on Othello
Posted Date : 02-03-2016
Dr. D. R. Mane arranged a LCD show on Shakespearean Tragedy Othello. The staff and students from Naigaon and Degloor were present to witness the event.
College Cleanliness Campaign
Posted Date : 27-02-2016
Principal Dr. Pimple along with the staff members and the students participated in college cleanliness campaign.
Regular Principal joined the College
Posted Date : 18-02-2016
Dr. Balaji Shankarrao Pimple has taken over the charge as a regular Principal of the College. The staff members welcomed him with fervor.
Cash payment to Girl Student
Posted Date : 16-02-2016
Dr. N. T. Bhagwat handed over an amount of 500 Rs. from July onward to adopted girl student Ku.Meera Ibitwar by the hands of Hon. Secretary Madhukarraoji Patil, Khatgaonkar.
Adopt Girl student Scheme
Posted Date : 16-02-2016
Dr. N. T. Bhagwat, Head, Dept. of Hindi has started Adopt Girl student Scheme. He has decided to support a regular and sincere girl student with 500 Rs. per month.
Validiction Ceremony
Posted Date : 16-02-2016
Dr. Tangalwad, Deputy Registrar of SRTMU, Nanded delivered an eloquent speech in the Validation Ceremony of Annual Social Gathering. Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil was the president of the function.
Youths power needs to be trapped
Posted Date : 15-02-2016
In the inauguration ceremony of Students Council and Annual gathering. Mr. Arvind Deshmukh talked at length about how to channelize youth power for the better progress of Youth and the Nation.
Innnauguration of NSS week
Posted Date : 13-02-2016
Inauguration of NSS week has been taken place in College Campus. The President of the function was Hon. Madhukarraoji Patil, the Chief Guests were Police Inspector Mr. Sanjay and Venkatrao Puyyad.
SSR of Track ID 11815
Posted Date : 10-02-2016
Five copies of SSR along with CD Cycle-2 of ACS College, Shankarnagar been sent for assessment and accreditation by RMS (431601).
Anjanikar Given a warm send off.
Posted Date : 30-01-2016
Gangadhar anjanikar was given a warm send off on his supperannuation day 30th january2016. felicitated at the hands of the secretary GMCT Madhukarraoji Patil Khatgaonkar with a shawl ,garland and a Cop
67th Republic day celebrated with gus
Posted Date : 26-01-2016
The 67th Republic day of India was celebrated in the college on 26th Jan. 2016. The Secretary of GMCT hoisted the Tricolour. Wall Posters of Pol.Sci., Pub.Admn. & Hindi dept. were also published.
Young Scientiest Award
Posted Date : 01-01-2016
Our prominent Alumnus Dr. Gangadhar Waghmare is awarded with the Young Scientist of India Award. The Indian Council of Chemists conferred it for his research on a drug for treatment for cancer
Innauguration of e-library.
Posted Date : 07-01-2016
Madhukarrao Patil inaugurated e-library and appreciated the work of the Librarian Dr. Sudhakar Telke. He assured every sort of help from the Management in the quality improvement process.
ISO Certification
Posted Date : 29-12-2015
Dr. M. D. Jahagirdar and ISO Consultant Mr. Akash Chutile visited the college. In this visit as an external visitor Dr. Jahagirdar Sir gave some useful tips to the staff and the administration.
Interview for the post of Principal
Posted Date : 08-12-2015
Two candidates attended the interview. V. C. nominee Dr. Sonwane, experts Dr. Ajay Patil, Prin. Dr. Sadawarte and the president Hon. Bhaskarrao Patil were present.
Constitution Day Celebrations
Posted Date : 20-11-2015
The college celebrated 20th Nov. 2015 Constitution Day. Dr. Ratnalikar was the president of the function Dr. R. D. Shinde and Mr. S. I. Kamble talked in length about the formation of the Constitution.
Appointment as a Taluka Co-ordinator
Posted Date : 24-10-2015
Dr. Ratnalikar V. M., the in charge principal has been appointed as a Biloli Taluka Co-ordinator by the Govt. of Maharashtra,to collect information about the attitude of the locals towards higher education
Prize distribution Ceremony
Posted Date : 04-10-2015
Prize distribution Ceremony of Intercollegiate B Zone Wrestling Tournament is taken place in the presence of Dr. Bankat Yadhav.The championship has gone to LBDG Umari & LBS Dharmabad.
Intercollegiate B Zone Wrestling Tour
Posted Date : 03-10-2013
The sport dept. of the college organized B Zone Wrestling tournaments. 22 colleges & 50 wrestlers participated in different weight categories. The tournament is inaugurated by Dean of Physical Education.
Rashtrapita M.K. Gandhi & Lal Bahadur
Posted Date : 02-10-2015
Rashtrapita M.K. Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shashtri Jayanti celebrated and an oath on cleanliness was administered. The public Admn. dept. released the wall poster "PRASHASANNAMA" at the hands of principal.
Celebration of Marathwad Muktidin
Posted Date : 17-09-2015
The Secretary of GMCT hoisted the Tricolor & the University Flag on Marathawada Mutkidin & University foundation Day celebrated in the college campus. The dept. of Zoology published its wall poster Nature
Innauguration Ceremony
Posted Date : 01-09-2015
The president of inaugural function of handball tournaments was Hon.Madhukarraoji Patil, Khatgaonkar. The Chief Guest was Sinkukumar Singh and Uday Chavan, Physical education department S. R.T.M.U.Nanded
Central Zone Hand Ball Tournaments
Posted Date : 31-08-2015
The sports department of college has arranged Intercollegiate Central Zone Hand Ball Tournament on 01-09-2015.
Homage paid to Dr. Moorthy
Posted Date : 20-08-2015
The NAAC Peer team chairman Dr. Moorthy, who visited P.N. College Nanded for Assessment and Accreditation and met a sudden death by cardiac arrest, was paid homage by the Principal, Staff members & Student
Independence Day Celebration
Posted Date : 15-08-2015
Hon. Madhukarrao Patil hoisted the Flag on eve of 69th Independence Day. NSS, Physics & History departments inaugurated Wall Posters by the hands of Hon. Madhukarrao Patil & I/C Principal Dr. Ratnalikar.
An Online address by Vice-Chancellor
Posted Date : 05-08-2015
The Vice-Chancellor of S.R.T.M.University Nanded addressed the Teachers & Students on "Planing and setting up a rode map for rural development" through A VIEW at 11 AM.
A Programme
Posted Date : 01-08-2015
I/C Principal Dr. V. M. Ratnalikar along the teaching and non-teaching staff garlanded Lokmanya Tilak and Anna Bhau Sathe.
Tribute to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Posted Date : 28/07/2015
The I/c Principal Dr. V. M. Ratnalikar, the staff and the students of ACS College, Shankarnagar paid a warm tribute to Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam, the former president and a great scientist at 11.30 A. M.. Mr
Innaugural Address
Posted Date : 20-07-2015
Dr. V. M. Ratnalikar is going to address the students for their bright future explaining the details about the college discipline and the role of the students in the quality enhancement of the college.
Interviews on CHB basis
Posted Date : 05-07-2015
All the aspiring candidates are hereby informed that the interviews for the subjects like Sociology, Economics, History, Mathematics and Computer Science purely on CHB basis will be held on 10th July 2015
Celebration of International Yoga Day
Posted Date : 20/06/2015
All the staff members are hereby informed that the International Yoga Day will be celebrated on 21st June 2015.
Notice for Teachers
Posted Date : 27-06-2015
This is to inform the teachers to prepare a list of the alumni of their respective departments and submit it to the IQAC department by the end of this month.
Notice for Students
Posted Date : 27-06-2015
Hearty congratulations to all the IIIrd year distinction holder and Pass Students. The college authorities wish you all the best for your future academic progress
Request for Alumni
Posted Date : 06/04/2015
All alumni are requested to register @ alumni registration. It would be easy for college to contact you for further activities.
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